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Affordable, Reliable, Feature-Rich Training Solutions

With Udutu as your learning partner, you don’t have to spend thousands on authoring tool licenses or an LMS to get the robust features, quality, and support you expect and deserve. From our award-winning, cloud-based LMS and authoring tool to developing custom content to meet your organization’s evolving learning needs, we have the full suite of solutions to get your learning programs off the ground – quickly, easily, and on budget.

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Since 2005, Udutu has been a pioneer in developing eLearning tools and solutions at an exceptional value to our customers. We have built our reputation on developing cutting-edge, cloud-based learning tools that are as easy to use as they are reliable. One might think that at this price point, we’d stop at “good enough.” But, instead, we have dedicated ourselves to constant refinement and adding features and functionality based on feedback from our vast user base.

Bundled or A La Carte Training Solutions

Our expert solutions can be bundled or purchased separately, depending on your needs.


Browser-based – nothing to install or download. Works on any device.

Compliance – automated emails keep learners on top of their training and in compliance

Unlimited classrooms and live webinars – with whiteboards, chat, and breakout rooms

Conditional branching – lets you set curriculum advancement that is dependent on other completed modules

Easy API Integration – connect with your HRIS or other sources of information.

Customizable – easily change the look and feel to match your company’s brand or other applications.

Training paths – allow you to structure training for certain roles, locations, etc.

Authoring Tool

Browser-based – nothing to install or download. Works on any device.

Collaborative workspaces – allows for multiple SMEs and designers to work simultaneously.

Easily convert PowerPoints to SCORM Compliant Curriculum

Conditional branching – allows for fully interactive courses based on user choices.

Conditional feedback – provides feedback based on the learners’ response

Publish to SCORM – Supports all versions of SCORM.

Easy templates – automatically optimizes resolution, anti-aliasing, scaling, etc. Use WYSIWYG or in HTML mode.

Reusable object library – easily save any object or group of objects as a library object.

Custom and Off-the-Shelf Content

Expert Instructional Designers – Udutu’s instructional designers have decades of experience developing engaging courses

Work with Your SMEs – we work closely with your subject matter experts to develop the exact courses you need

Learning Strategy – we first ask the tough questions and then craft the right strategy to ensure your learning programs will be successful.

Interactivity and engagement – we design courses with the right amount of interactivity to keep your learners engaged.

Illustrators – we have a team of illustrators to bring your courses to life.

Voice-over talent – exceptional voice talent available to narrate your courses.

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See Our Multi-Award-Winning LMS in Action!

Our fully customizable, automated LMS requires minimal administration.
We support all major content types, including SCORM compliant eLearning, face-to-face, and online meetings, documents, and videos.

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It’s time to put that old saying, “if it’s cheap, it can’t be good,” to rest! Udutu offers one of the most competitively-priced, feature-rich authoring tools on the market – rivaling and often surpassing major players’ tools in features, functionality, and ease of use. Best of all, it’s all cloud-based, so it works on any browser!

If you enjoy paying more for the same or inferior features, we’re not for you.

Feature-Rich, Powerful, & Fully Customizable

Udutu’s authoring tool is easy enough for beginners, but feature-rich and powerful enough for expert instructional designers. Quickly and easily develop highly interactive, custom, SCORM compliant courses that are guaranteed to work on any device.

Test drive our Authoring Tool yourself with no obligation!

Udutu is Proud to Support Clients in Diverse

Learn about some of the work we’ve done for clients just like you!

Read What Our Clients Have to Say…

Eduardo Ramírez

Working with all of you at Udutu was an absolute pleasure. From the initial kickoff meeting, all the way to the final deliverable, your team came through every time. The kick-off meeting allowed all of us to set goals and expectations, which were fully met by the end product. You provided us with timelines for the completion of each phase, tracked changes and revisions, and quality controlled the product along with us. Your team truly partnered with us, making the creation of the eCourse a fruitful and successful journey. Many thanks to all of you at Udutu.

Eduardo Ramírez
SBCPS Program Lead | Learning Centre | BC Public Service Agency

Matt Combs

If you are anything like me, you understand that proper training is the foundation of success, and the sustainability of your business. In my experience I have found that training departments are becoming more generalized leaving a solution to the safest, most relevant, cost effective, and efficient way to obtain end user engagement while obtaining critical knowledge validation HARD!

I am here to personally testify to a real solution, within your reach at UDUTU. Their passion for success in their craft is like no other. As a client of UDUTU at many levels in my career in different companies, I have no doubt why they are the obvious choice for any eLearning need.

I have found that

  • UDUTU will be honest with you about your project
  • UDUTU will be passionate about your project
  • UDUTU will go out of their way to communicate with you about your project
  • UDUTU will deliver the expected result, and

My personal favorite

  • UDUTU makes it personal
Matt Combs
Director of Human Resources and Training | Godfather’s Pizza

Ryan Galitskie

(Re: Jennifer and Maria) You both were fantastic to work with on the project. I enjoyed the team approach and the experience you both brought added great perspectives.

We appreciated Jennifer’s stylistic designs and her ability to make suggestions from a learner’s perspective – in my opinion this sets you apart from other course creators that may focus only on style. You both were easy to work with and very personable; very much in alignment with what we look for in a partner.

The process was seamless and well communicated. I enjoyed the “command center” and you both were very responsive – from our initial connection until the very end.

We also appreciate the efficiency in the narration portion – helping to select the voice and the creation of the spoken words. Other vendors expressed a challenge with getting this done, but you were very agile here.

I think what also made this course land well with our colleagues was how dynamic the course was – with the suggestion of audio, music transitions, animations, interactions, and flow control this course really stood out compared to others.

Thank you so much for working with us on this and creating a course that we are proud of to have live on as we onboard new employees and continue to cultivate the best in class experience we dedicate ourselves to offer.

Ryan Galitskie
VP/Regional Sales Manager | Bank Newport

Dom Ohl

Working with Jennifer on this project was a dream. I always felt like I was in good hands. She was fast to respond and met the deadlines we identified. She was able to build upon existing course content and implement new content seamlessly. I was impressed by Jennifer’s ability to learn the material and present it in her own words. This gave us the ability to build on existing ideas and really polish it all up. I know who I will be calling when I have to develop my next course!

Dom Ohl
Program Coordinator | VIATEC

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