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Our multimedia production process is guided by engaging your learners and telling them the stories that need to be told while minimizing the number of bits of information that must be transmitted over the web.

Video Editing


We can edit and upload your videos to an online host, such as YouTube, so you can embed them in your course.

Audio Recording


Have your course professionally narrated! Choose from our list of male and female voice talent. Or narrate it yourself.

Video Animations


We also offer the latest whiteboard story telling video production, at an affordable price.

Udutu utilizes the same creativity in multimedia production that makes for good storytelling in conventional movies, sound, images and animations while creating content that is fast and efficient on the web, and looks good with limited bandwidth.

We Are Expert Multi-media Production

Our designers are well versed in navigational work flow and visual cues. This means we can help your organization develop, expand or reinvent your digital presence.

Need help developing your course?

Case Study

WorkSafe BC

Worksafe BC is a Crown Corporation organization dedicated to the improvement of workplace safety across all industries in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The organization is interested in reaching the widest possible audience, and must teach thousands of workers and supervisors across every industry from Forestry to hospitality.

To achieve its workplace safety goals, Worksafe BC enlisted Udutu to assist with the development of course content, and then deploy the training to tens of thousands of workers located all across the province, even in remote locations with varying levels of connectivity. One challenge Worksafe BC has is keeping track of which industries and which companies are represented by the participants who take their courses. Worksafe BC makes its training content free to use, but requires user information to commence with coursework. In some cases Worksafe BC online training content is used to issue certifications. As well, many companies request permission to re-use the courses, in whole or in part, sometimes with customizations or branding changes, and Worksafe BC has been generous in sharing its intellectual property to make this happen. Udutu has assisted Worksafe BC to make all of this possible, including helping develop course content, and subsequent LMS management. One course alone, “Supervising for Safety,” has more than 23,000 active learners registered.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I started working with Udutu in 2005, and they’ve been publishing very successful online courses for me ever since.”

Gordon Thorne
Thorne Consulting

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