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The Udutu team began as researchers at Royal Roads University, and during the late 1990’s and the early years of the 21st century, won numerous international awards for their innovative and groundbreaking contributions to the emerging world of online learning and training.

In 2006 the team privatized and created Udutu, dedicated to making online learning and training easier, more effective, and more easily available. To that end, we decided to empower everyone with expertise to share, so they could create and control their own content. Hence the name Udutu (You Do Too). This empowerment included making a powerful and easy to use authoring tool completely free.

The Internet has enabled new business models, and free web tools can enable richer, better content than tools that are limited to the desktops of technical experts, just as free blogging tools have made journalists and writers out of everyday people, and free video tools have empowered millions.

Udutu continues to conceive and develop new and better tools, and offers an inexpensive, user-friendly business model that makes it possible for organizations of every size to have a complete and effective training and learning system.

Case Study


This multi-Billion Israeli owned, US based Oil company has acquired several subsidiary retail outlet companies, giving it more than five hundred convenience stores and retail fuel outlets, with several different brand names, corporate cultures, hiring and training policies, etc. The company wanted to establish a Hiring, orientation and training system that would be available online in the retail outlets to help establish a global culture and an understanding of the company’s mission, mandate, policies and opportunities.

Among other things, the design and distribution of the courses had to take into account the company’s tight security procedures, bandwidth issues in outlying areas, and a wide variation in levels of computer literacy amongst employees. The online learning courses covered general orientation and company policies, and a series of mandatory certification courses such as the handling of Liquor, ephedrine and tobacco, as well as a course in food handling, Sanitation and safety procedures, dealing with robbery, etc. These courses are delivered using a custom iteration of our LMS Udutu developed for use on customized laptops and mobile tablets. Although the initial project involved only the retail division, Udutu has expanded their offerings into the refineries and head office.

What Our Clients Are Saying

In the United Nations Public Administration (UNPAN) Directorate our subject matter experts are widely scattered around the world, and many stakeholders are involved in developing and approving our online courses. For us, a web-based solution overcomes issues with collaboration, timely approvals, and access. We used Udutu and at the same time made content security manageable with all the content being in one place, instead of on a dozen desktops.”

Deniz Susar
Public Administrator, United Nations

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