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Course Authoring Pricing

Everything you need to create engaging eLearning.

Use the Udutu Authoring tool to develop custom SCORM compliant courses that work on every device. It’s powerful enough for experts, but easy enough for beginners to create interactive courses. Nothing to install and available anywhere. All you need is a web browser.

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Learning Management System Pricing

An infinitely scaleable LMS to distribute, track and report eLearning content.

The Udutu’s LMS has allowed single organizations to train up to 30,000 learners. Try it out for free to see how easy it is to launch courses while maintaining total control over access and reporting.

Powerpoint to SCORM converter
Customizable branding
Simple user interface
Assessment and quiz templates
Branching scenario builder
Collaborative development environment
No set-up, hosting, or hidden fees. Start right away.
No time limit to the free trial. Learn at your own pace.
Bank-level security & encryption and no personal information sharing.
Friendly North American customer support team.
Cancel, change, or upgrade your plan at any time.
User-friendly so anyone can excel without help from IT.
No download required, the LMS is completely browser-based.
Register an unlimited number of users, only pay for active log-ins.
Set your own prices, sell your own courses, collect your payments!
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