I imported a PowerPoint presentation and the bottom is cut off. How can I fix it?

PPTs display with more vertical space than do the standard online course templates. You will need to ensure that your PPT content doesn’t extend too far down in your PPT slides before converting. It’s a bit of a pain but it’s how it works. 

You might also consider using the HTML5 option for PPT conversion (you are given the choice once you select the “Import PowerPoint” option) which will capture your PPT content just as it is in the PPT. The HTML5 option will also convert any animations/transitions so they exist in the course. You may have noticed the HTML option doesn’t capture/convert these animations. 

The advantage of the HTML option is much of the content/media captured will automatically be sent to the library. This allows you to leverage these images and such for future courses. The HTML5 option doesn’t do this.

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