While you can upload several video file types (including: .avi, .mov, .mpg, .wmv .flv), we recommend you use either .mp4 or .flv with the Udutu Authoring Tool. These files types are typically smaller than .mov files and will upload faster to our servers.

Any courses built including videos all play through Port 80, which is the port designated for the World Wide Web, and should be open on your network.  They will play as .FLV files, so any browser with a Flash plugin will work.  IE8 should be fine if it has the Flash plugin.  WMV files only play on Windows platforms, and our courses are designed to work on all platforms. If you upload a .wmv file it will be converted on the server at our end into an .FLV file using some generic dimensions and quality settings.  If you create an .flv at your end then it won’t be converted and you can set the size and quality to whatever you prefer.

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