You can add assessment questions to the end of any section of content and link them to remediation or existing course content based on which answer they select. On the assessment templates there are 3 boxes for feedback for correct, incorrect or partially correct. Below each of these there is a “go to” option where you can select which screen the learner will be taken to depending on their answer. The best way to jump the learner to the remediation is to make a copy of the original screen and place it in a hidden resource folder so that the learner can continue at their current location in the course. Here are some detailed steps:

First copy the screen of content you want to use for remediation.

  1. Add a resource folder by adding a folder to your course and then selecting the “this group is a resource (its screens can only be navigated to with Jump-Tos)” check box.
  2. Add the screen(s) you copied from your library into the resource folder.
  3. Create your assessment question. Choose for it to be a self-assessment (non-scored) since the learner is being led to the correct answer.
  4. Add appropriate feedback for the correct, incorrect AND partially correct responses. Consider something like this for the incorrect and partially correct responses, “Sorry, that is incorrect. (or, ‘that is only partially correct.’) Click the OK button to review some of the relevant information. You will then return to this assessment question to try again.” For the incorrect and partially correct responses, select the remediation screen as the “go to” screen. Be sure that it is the one in the remediation folder and not the one in the main body of the course.
  5. Further down, consider changing the button for “Show Me” to “none” this removes the button entirely. Since you are leading them to review the relevant material, there’s not much sense in showing them the answer entirely.

Now your assessment screen is set up. When they get a response fully or partially incorrect, they will be led to a hidden folder containing the screen(s) you want them to review before trying the question again. Once they click through each of the screens in the hidden folder, they will be returned to the assessment question in order to try again.

You will have to repeat these steps for each assessment/quiz screen you set up.

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