The Udutu LMS has integrated with the Big Blue Button online meeting software. This software does not require a subscription.

1. To create a meeting, go to Activity Management and select the Big Blue Button icon.

2. Next add your meeting options.

3. Assign training to they group/groups that require access.

4. When it is time for the meeting, start your meeting.

5. When the meeting starts join the audio.

6. Host your meeting and use any of the features of the Big Blue Button that you want.

  1. Manage the attendees.
  2. Send messages in the chat.
  3. Join with video.
  4. Share your screen and allow multi-user whiteboard capability.

In user management you can:

7. When you are finished your meeting you can logout and end it for everyone.

8. When you logout you will be redirected back to this page. Close the page to view the LMS window which remained active during your meeting.

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